Jessie’s practice is best described as process-based; processes and experimentation providing the means by which the work is conceived and developed. Traditional craft skills, such as weaving and embroidery, are given a contemporary fine art make-over, an enhanced perspective. Her primary materials, however, are texture and colour. In particular colour is the medium through which Jessie negotiates space, often creating large-scale, colour saturated environments. Creating work across various disciplines, the artist’s videos and installation work have the formal qualities of abstract painting (influences include the De Stijl movement and Bauhaus artists and designers). The use of texture and 3D element enables Jessie to express an idiosyncratic approach, resulting in confident, engaging work that ranges from the visually immersive to the more discrete and intimate.

Jessie is the Founder and curator of Line Gallery.

Email: jessiejamesdesigner@gmail.com
Instagram: @jessiejames_artist